Gunnar Heinsohn: the Truso Lecture

We are presenting Gunnar Heinsohn's elaborated version of his 2015 Truso lecture: How did so many 1st-3rd cent. AD Roman elements make it into the 8th-10th century Viking age? 

The slides have been already published here in

The final print version was edited by Marek Jagodzinski (excavator of Truso, and the conference's organizer) in Polish and English for the proceedings. At the last moment, however, it was decided to exclude Heinsohn's contribution. is making it available to the public.

Gunnar's lecture on Youtube 

roman liburnia 2nd cent AD square sail  Bardo Museum

2nd century AD Roman Liburnia for sea and river warfare with square sail and ram

Viking ship Gokstad model
9th century Viking ship of Goktad with square sail and clinkered hull.